Why Choose Us? See for yourself…

Of the 7 most important criteria to consider before selecting a contractor, Dove Builders meets or exceeds each one…

  • Safety

    Dove Builders recently passed the 750,000 man hours mark with no lost time and zero recordable incidents.  Our onsite supervision conducts weekly safety meetings with all the trades on the project and are trained to constantly evaluate all means and methods of work.  At the end of the day, we want all of our crews to go home safe.

  • Quality

    Our goal is zero punch list on every project. Dove Builders scrutinizes and performs an internal punch list before we are ready to walk a completed job with our clients. Any questionable work is corrected while it is being installed long before the final punch list walk.

  • Speed

    Dove Builders specializes in fast track projects.  Our goal is to mobilize quickly and complete the job ahead of schedule.  We adjust our internal schedule of work as often as needed to make sure we meet or beat the schedule requirements.  Several of our clients have placed challenges in front of us and we have met those schedule challenges every time.

  • Subcontractors

    Dove Builders has cultivated a deep pool of subcontractors that can perform top quality work and meet our fast track project requirements.  Our reputation in the subcontractor community is second to none.  With our quick pay and speed of construction,  given the choice, our subs would rather work for us than our competitors.

  • Experience

    The principals of Dove Builders have over 60 years of combined commercial construction experience with larger sophisticated construction companies.   John and Jim have taken that experience and have deployed custom tailored solutions that fit our company based on the best means and methods that we have learned while working for larger construction companies.

  • Ethics

    We want to work hard at what we do as if we were working for the Lord and not for a person.   We hold ourselves to a higher standard and we intentionally try to treat all of our customers, both internal and external, with respect, honor and integrity.

  • Price

    More often than not, price is the bottom line for selection. Dove Builders believes in working smarter, not harder. We enjoy exceptionally low overhead and deploy cutting edge technology to cut down on our onsite time. This combined with our deep pool of subcontractors insures that you are getting the best price in the market for your project.